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Aria Drolma


The Dharma is a precious gift to humanity, representing ancient wisdom for modern times.  Aria Drolma will help you build on the direct, provable experience of the Masters, crafting a life of kindness and compassion. Contact Aria Drolma at: ariadrolma@gmail.com

Events / Schedule

Aria Drolma travels the world teaching, attending interfaith functions and spreading the awareness of mindfulness and compassion across the world. some people come to Buddha Dharma for its serenity, others because of the way the teachings can empower the work we do. What ever reason moves you, connect with Aria Drolma at one of her scheduled events.

Support the Mission

We strive to bring the Buddhas teachings to more and more people daily. By direct instruction and attendance at global events, we make sure that BuddhaDharma is part of the conversation. Beyond that we also dedicate support to those in need. Serving others and improving the well-being of our global community is one of our strongest missions and you will learn about how Aria Drolma is working to do just that!

Feeling inspired? Join us and support Dharma teachings with any gift big or small. Your donation is critical to making the blessings of the Buddhas teaching accessible to as many people as possible. Please contact Aria Drolma at: ariadrolma@gmail.com to learn about our support initiatives.

Updating the Website

We are upgrading our website, so please check back soon to enjoy how our new site will help you on your path of discovering the Dharma.